Estate Administration

Sound Legal Guidance Through Illinois Estate Administration

Probate is the court-supervised transfer of property to loved ones after a person has died.  It includes documenting the asset of an estate, paying any remaining debt and taxes owed to the government, and distributing the remaining property and financial assets.

Estate administration occurs without the supervision of the court.  A personal representative oversees the distribution of property.  Yet, even the independent administration of an estate can be complicated if, for example, the deceased left no will to clearly indicate his or her wishes.

If you have been named the executor or personal representative for an Illinois estate, contact our office for sound legal counsel through the process.

Legal Experience to Minimize Estate Administration Problems and Resolve Probate Complications

Since 1992, the Law Office of Michael T. Huguelet, P.C., has built a reputation in the Chicago area for providing quality legal counsel and practical solutions to probate administration and probate problems.

Other attorneys express their trust in our ability by referring their clients to me when they have a probate issue they cannot resolve.  Our goal when providing probate and estate administration services is to make even the most complex probate process less frustrating and confusing for families.

Legal Guidance for Peace of Mind During Probate

Every estate is not treated the same in probate.  The size of an estate and the type of advanced planning made by the deceased will determine whether less burdensome options exist, such as summary administration.
With more than 25 years of experience handling the legal issues surrounding estate planning, business planning, and taxation, we are prepared to help clients with even the most complicated probate concern.
After the required initial fillings on behalf of a family and the estate, we work with executors or personal representatives to ensure that all property is handled correctly and that fillings are accurate and timely.

If the task of probating an Illinois estate has fallen to you, contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.  With proper guidance, you can feel confident that you have met all legal requirements in the proper distribution of the assets of an estate.